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Busy waterfall Large Format Photography
Shame about the blown out center rock. All in all to busy for my liking. Chamonix FN2 Image:...
With a hint of coffee Large Format Photography
Chamonix 8x10 ilford HP5+Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20171216/14acc57538cc35d256986ee4884ccb88.jpg Sent from my iPhone using...
35mm Summicron 3rd Generation LEICA FORUM
Anyone care to comment on the seemingly ugly step-child 3rd generation of the venerable 35mm f/2 Summicron-M. I have one and found it superior to the 1st gen Summicron I once owned but I have no actual experience with either the 2nd gen or 4th gen. 3rd gen seems to get a bad rap. Is it really that bad? From my experience it isn’t but I have no experience with either 2nd gen nor 4th gen lenses.

M10 Lens Quest LEICA FORUM

I'm hoping for saome lens advice. I absolutely love Zeiss on my d800 and I'm looking for at least that quality. But I understand Leica m is all about the fine Leica lenses.

I tried a new Summarit-M 35 f2.4 and didn't love it so I sent it back. It see,ed not special. I've ordered a new Summicron-M 28 mm f2 and now I'm pre-regretting that based on the thread here saying the $4195 new one is not much better than the old version. Or is it? I could not tell which view won.

A Zeiss planar 50 mm f2 is on the way. Good call?

I bought a used early copy of a 90 mm apo ASPH and like it ok. Is it a good call for an m10? Or does it have focus shift probl ms solved by a new version?

I'm wondering if the $4195 would be better spent on a Zeiss 28mm f2.8 plus Zeiss 35 mm f 1.4. With money to spare.

I like the idea of owning $6,000 and $9,000 lenses but it seems more brand than substance. Why? Plastic!!! Zeiss feels like solid high quality. Leica charges a lot more for lenses with plastic bits. As a guy new to Leica, I think that's weird for $4195.

A friend has a 35 mm summilux for sale for $3,800 but I've learned the old version has focus shift. So it scared me off.

Regardless, I'm heading toward 28 mm, 50 mm and 90 mm.

Did I make a bad call with the new 28mm Summicron?

Thanks for your guidance, and patience.
My R3 Viewfinder Cleaning LEICA FORUM

I  have recently observed that there is some "dirt" around the edges when I look through the viewfinder. I thought and hoped that it was dirt on the mirror but after a thorough cleaning the "dirt" was still there.


I first observed it with a lens attached so I swapped for another, and then tested without a lens and lo and behold it was still there.


So my question is this: is the viewfinder "lens" (the lens with prisms etc, can't come up with a name for it) be removed for cleaning???


I have removed/installed this lens in my R4 but I can't seem to find anything about the R3, despite my recollection that one could get the R3 with different "lenses"


Thanks in advance 



Affordable tripod for Chanomix 45N-2? Large Format Photography
Hi, I have just purchased a Chanomix 45N-2 (my first LF camera) along with a Nikkor SW 120mm f/8 lens with comes to a combined weight of just...
Riva, Venice LEICA FORUM




M9, WATE @ 16


Full Size: Klick!

Custom Bellows Ltd Large Format Photography
I would just like to state that we are still in business and going strong, I've received numerous emails from existing customers that our website is...
Sinar - difference between bag bellows #1 or #2 .... Large Format Photography
Sinar - difference between bag bellows #1 or #2 ... or whatever else is available? Building a wide angle on a Sinar Alpina - wondering what's...
Enchanted Rock (one more) LEICA FORUM

One more from Enchanted Rock. This on the way up to the top.

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  • L1000137.jpg
Enchanted Rock LEICA FORUM
500kb -> 2017 LEICA FORUM
ATL-3 for Parts Large Format Photography
Leica M6 strange light leak, please help me try t... LEICA FORUM
Do lenses have different character when stopped d... LEICA FORUM
Tricolor digital print Large Format Photography
Cold and colorful in Bryant Park - 3 photos LEICA FORUM
YAPN - Yet Another Photographer's Notebook Large Format Photography
Anniversary Speed Graphic focal shutter need sour... Large Format Photography
Forget boring, ... Large Format Photography
The Leica Story – Manufacturing and Assembly Luminous Landscape
The Palouse 2018 Harvest Workshop Luminous Landscape
The 2018 Palouse Summer Private Tour Luminous Landscape
Acuity investment sparks a year of growth for Art... Fujifilm
New content “The world's first 400 ASA high-sen... Fujifilm
Japan 2019 Winter Wildlife Photo Expedition Works... Luminous Landscape
Shooting With The Masters – Charles Cramer ... Luminous Landscape
LOGO Werbetechnik celebrates a year of increased ... Fujifilm
New firmware updates for FUJIFILM X-Pro2, X-T2 X1... Fujifilm
Fujifilm launches a new RAW conversion system “... Fujifilm
New firmware updates for FUJIFILM GFX 50S coming ... Fujifilm
A catalogue to bring the catwalk to life Fujifilm
New content “Fujifilm's PET film makes it easie... Fujifilm
Instax SQUARE SQ10 Firmware Update Fujifilm
Fujifilm Group's CO2 emission reduction target fo... Fujifilm

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