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Macs for Photography? Luminous Landscape

For the more involved photographer (like most of the readership of The Luminous Landscape), the big technology companies are not really keeping pace with what we need. Some of us photograph seriously with phones as a secondary camera, many of us do not. Personally, I use my 4 year old iPhone as a convenience scanner, [Read More]

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Adobe, Why Have you Forsaken Us? Luminous Landscape

This week is Adobe’s annual Adobe MAX conference, where they set the direction of their products for the upcoming year – and there’s not much for photographers here, especially for subscription software where we’re paying for the updates whether we want them or not. As disturbing as the lack of updates is that what did [Read More]

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Fujifilm launches “FUJINON UA107×8.4BESM AF” Fujifilm
Fujifilm launches “FUJINON UA125×8BESM” Fujifilm
FY2020/3 2nd Quarter Financial Results of FUJIFIL... Fujifilm
Chasing The Light & The Photographer’s Minds... Luminous Landscape

Photographers have been chasing the light since the 1820s when Nicephore Niepce successfully recorded an image using camera obscura. Before Nicephore Niepce, there were pioneers who contributed since the 1700s, creating a knowledge base from trial and error until Nicephore Niepce perfected the process with a lasting photographic image. My experience chasing the light as [Read More]

The post Chasing The Light & The Photographer’s Mindset appeared first on Luminous Landscape.


The 4th in our series on photographers and the environments in which they work takes us out onto the waters of Georgian Bay in Ontario. I’ve loved the landscape of ‘the Bay’ ever since first encountering it during a hiking trip in Killarney provincial park while in college and discovering the same incredible rocks and [Read More]

The post SEAN TAMBLYN: GEORGIAN BAY BY KAYAK appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

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