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Updated:Notice of Fujifilm application software u... Fujifilm
Traveling with your undeveloped film and instax f... Fujifilm
A Tale of Two Fujis Part II – The X-Pro 3 Luminous Landscape

The X-Pro 3 is the most “Fujifilm” in philosophy of any camera I have ever used, and it is a camera that makes you want to go out and shoot with it. It’s not perfect, nor will it probably serve as anyone’s only camera – but it is a wonderful addition to a collection of [Read More]

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A Tale of Two Fujis Part I – Introduction an... Luminous Landscape

                  Fujifilm is one of the most interesting players in the camera market in early 2020. They always march to their own drum – skipping the popular full-frame sensors entirely, while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in APS-C and offering relatively affordable medium-format digital as their answer to the upper end of the full-frame world. [Read More]

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Fujifilm's response of support to aid for novel c... Fujifilm
Fujifilm launches “FUJIFILM X100V” Fujifilm
(Rediscover) Voice In A Landscape Luminous Landscape

When I began taking landscape photographs my primary interest was in capturing the scenery in front of the lens. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? After several years I realised that few of the photographs I took really excited me and so I began to explore what was missing in either my technique [Read More]

The post (Rediscover) Voice In A Landscape appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

Updated:Notification of Fujifilm camera remote wi... Fujifilm
Sean Tamblyn follow-up: Winter Lighthouse Luminous Landscape

In this second follow-up to our piece on Sean Tamblyn’s Georgian Bay photography, we look at how Sean’s remote camera work (developed during his shuttle project) led him to undertake the quixotic task of documenting Georgian Bay’s lighthouses through the harsh winter months.  Nick Taylor January 2020

The post Sean Tamblyn follow-up: Winter Lighthouse appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

A Profusion of Options – Computing for Serio... Luminous Landscape

         At the beginning of 2019, there was very serious concern about Apple’s continued commitment to photographers’ needs, and Intel was doing their best to frighten even PC-using photographers with generation after generation of essentially unchanged chips at increasing prices. There were increasing questions that Moore’s Law had stalled, that the reason we weren’t seeing different [Read More]

The post A Profusion of Options – Computing for Serious Photography. appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

X Summit London 2020 on Feb. 4th 8PM GMT! Fujifilm
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