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TL series is Leica's ( most important ) Future LEICA FORUM
It is quoted from Leica that TL is the most important product line for Leica's future.

TL2 has been reported to be about equal in every major aspect except the sensor size and sensor size related properties. Once the newer upgraded version adding the built in EVF, there won't be much missing must-have features.
The Church Across the Street LEICA FORUM

The Church Across the Street
Maryhill Community Church, Oct. 1888, Maryhill, Washington

The Church Across the Street by Jay Burleson Seattle, on Flickr

Port Antratx, Mallorca LEICA FORUM

All taken with Leica Q.


hafen malle-4.jpg

Angle of view as it relates to the solar eclipse Large Format Photography
I plan to photograph the solar eclipse (weather-permitting) with both my 4x5 (210mm lens) and 8x10 (12" lens). From my viewing spot in Nebraska, the...
It's only teh second time I've seen one around he... LEICA FORUM

A night heron just before 6:00 this morning.


Attached Images

  • reservoire night herron.jpg

For your out of town guests. Free room and board courtesy of Brown County.


Attached Images

  • Jail 1.jpg
  • Jail 2.jpg
  • Jail 3.jpg
  • Jail 4.jpg
Pont du Mont Blanc - Geneva LEICA FORUM

At sunset,

MP 240 with Elmarit M 24mm 2.8

Attached Images

  • L1009936pont du mont blanc 1.jpg
Historical Images taken with vintage Leica Gear. LEICA FORUM

This thread is meant for images taken with collectable Leica gear when it was new. It is not meant for images taken with such gear in the present. Feel free to post  photographs of the cameras and lenses along with the images.

What's your post software process ? LEICA FORUM



I've just bought into the Leica S.  I got an insanely good deal on a new Leica S 100 year two lens kit so I leapt in (the 006) and I'm already shopping a 120 Macro as the next lens.


I've been shooting M8 and M-E for many years and I've come to really love C1 with those cameras.  They are always so much more beautiful than what I can do in LR.


But I'm finding very mixed results from the couple of shoot's i've done so far using the C1 rendering of images from the S.  The images are often too dark and I haven't been able to extract great results.  I do know it's not as officially supported, but is there anyway to improve the success rate ? 


I've had a quick look at Lightroom, and in many ways it's better off the bat, but it also seems to really struggle in certain situations as well.  C1 seems to noisier and a bit more random in the way it deals with red in skin tones (like on ruddier skin)


I've even looked at Phocus and Iridient.  I really like the Iridient rendering a lot, but it's very limited with it's local controls / adjustments.


Are there any othe roptions I should look at ?  Any other recipes to get better results ?  I do wish C1 just worked as well as it does with the M shots.



Canon ipf6300s hdd replacement Large Format Photography
Hello. Steve here, and brand new here on this forum. I was wondering if anyone here has replaced the hdd on a canon ifp machine themselves. I can't...
Peak Design Straps – The Cuff and Leash Revi... Luminous Landscape
Uranotype video Large Format Photography
A Summer Morning Stroll on the Marlborough Downs LEICA FORUM
Comparing Lenses When You Don't Have Ready Access LEICA FORUM
Stupid question about lever clamps? Large Format Photography
A Spanish First Jet Press 720S Fujifilm
Help identifying large format copy camera setup e... Large Format Photography
New fire in Yosemite---- Large Format Photography
exhibit in Rockport ME Large Format Photography
For those with really old lenses, what famous pic... Large Format Photography
tone question for the chemists - brown tone devel... Large Format Photography
Hello Large Format Photography
2017 EISA Awards for FUJIFILM X-T20 Fujifilm
How to Master the Art, the Science and the Busine... Luminous Landscape
FY2018/3 1st Quarter Financial Results of FUJIFIL... Fujifilm
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José Ramos – My Photography Luminous Landscape
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Triptychs Part 2 of 3: Color Examples Luminous Landscape
Jet Press 720S UK momentum continues Fujifilm
New content “Fighting breast cancer” has been... Fujifilm
Updated: FUJIFILM to Release Latest Firmware Upda... Fujifilm
Fujifilm Corporation announces results from Phase... Fujifilm

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