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HR-1 SuperChroma Luminous Landscape

We’re increasingly demanding more and more demands from our cameras. We already have 14 steps of dynamic range, very low noise at 3200 ISO, an extremely fast autofocus and compact lightweight bodies, but… what about color? Manufacturers don’t say anything remarkable about the color that is captured and how their cameras reproduce it, beyond the [Read More]

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Fujifilm begins contract services of process deve... Fujifilm
Photography For a Dramatically Changing World. Luminous Landscape

There is no doubt that our world is undergoing a rare and accelerated change. A kind of forced rehab is upon us, demanded of every sector of life. The cascading effects of the Corona Virus epidemic leave little doubt that time is up for many institutions and assumptions about how society and civilization itself should [Read More]

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Travels to Portugal: A Photo Adventure Luminous Landscape

Editors note: It might seem tone-def to post a travel-shoot article given the current state of things. This was written before our current situation. We hope it can be an inspiring escape or inspiration to plan for you! Portugal is the hot new photo travel destination: Learn why … Lisbon was ranked No. 18 on [Read More]

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Reduce Load And Travel Lighter (April Comes Early... Luminous Landscape

When reading the comments on Luminous Landscape forum, it becomes quickly obvious that for many photographers the ability to reduce the weight of their gear and travel lighter is becoming one of the most important requirements in their shooting adventures. To satisfy their desire to do so, and based on the current state of technology [Read More]

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Fujifilm Invests $83M USD to Expand FUJIFILM Dios... Fujifilm
Cameras and lenses that were supposed to be for C... Luminous Landscape

It’s camera and lens release season again, due to the recently cancelled CP+ show – while the show fell victim to the coronavirus, many of the cameras and lenses scheduled for the show are already announced and more are coming soon. Hopefully, the epidemic eases soon, with no further disruption to the lives and health [Read More]

The post Cameras and lenses that were supposed to be for CP+ (even though there’s no CP+) appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

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FUJIFILM Holdings wins Minister of the Environmen... Fujifilm
Fujifilm launches mirrorless digital camera “FU... Fujifilm
Fujifilm launches “instax mini 11” Fujifilm
FUJIFILM Holdings recognized as global leader for... Fujifilm
Fujifilm wins the internationally prestigious “... Fujifilm
Updated:Notice of Fujifilm application software u... Fujifilm
Traveling with your undeveloped film and instax f... Fujifilm
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