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Inneston Cricket Ground LEICA FORUM

It really needs a top-dress.  Yes, that's the pitch in the background. 

Inneston Cricket Ground


M-P Canon 35mm f2 ltm

Anyone using On1 Photo Raw? Large Format Photography
In my continuing quest to find a sustainable alternative to PS (I have CS5 which works but is now legacy software, and I use it with Bridge and Adobe...
Jobo CPE3 + Tetenal C41 2.5L yields Large Format Photography
I'm considering starting to develop my own 4x5 C41 and trying to do the cost calculations. I'm looking at getting a Jobo CPE3 (or used CPE2) and...
Hanging with the Pigeons LEICA FORUM

Hanging with the Pigeons
Trafalgar Square, London, England, United Kingdom
June 1998
M6, 50 Summicron, Astia

Hanging with the Pigeons by Jay Burleson Seattle, on Flickr

Schneider xenar 105mm 3.5 Large Format Photography
Hello all Thinking of this lens for 4x5. I know it was designed for 6x9 and is often found on the Linhof Technika IV but i hear from the seller...
Leica Null Series Dumb Question LEICA FORUM
Yes, I bought the camera without the instruction manual! So....Dumb Question; when the last exposure has been taken, and the shutter not advanced, the lever set to R, the shutter button depressed, and the film is being rewound into the cassette.............Does the lens need to be capped???
A Quiet Place to Live LEICA FORUM

 M7, ZM C-Sonnar 50mm, Acros 100, Rodinal 1:50.


Attached Images

  • AsQuietAs.jpg
Grafitti Special LEICA FORUM

From our Bowl to Yours




Is that a pop-up flash ?




​Drawing for William




Eat Drink Play




Leica CL, 11-23




Eye on the City of London 10 LEICA FORUM




See higher resolution here:



Leica CL, 11-23mm




First day out shooting with the Leica Series O LEICA FORUM
.....After admiring, studying and fondling my new Leica Null Series first version, I took the plunge and loaded in a 36 exp roll of Rollei 25 B&W, and headed out for a local historic site, Batsto, which abounds with interesting photographic subjects. Convinced I’d done my homework enough to produce 36 perfect negatives, I failed somewhat on that task. First, the Newton Finder is Horrible. Being crafty in my shop, I made a quite decent optical finder to reside in the accessory shoe. This brings the camera properly to the eye, braced by a pull to the cheek the camera felt awesome, a true Leica in all ways. Using my old Goosen Pilot, exposures on this sunny day were a sweet 5.6 at 1/200. All went well (mostly) on the walk through this lovely setting, and I only botched the capping then advancing routine two times. Tried a few red filter shots at F 3.5 1/25, a few lower light shots at F4 1/50, and took a few portraits of folks I talked too along the way. The camera itself has a magnificent feel to it, with a zip to the shutter different from my other LTMs. Issues: fiddling with the little lens cap caused me to alter the needed focus a few times. Adding a lens shade obstructed the finder view a bit, the lovely case supplied with the Series O has a hold down leather snap tab, but no screw on the base. Of course,this strap rides exactly over the accessory shoe. So instead I used a very vintage Leica case I have with a beautiful patina of age, and a base screw. •••••• So at this point as the counter turned to 36, I decided rather than commit the sin of forcing anything, I began the rewind. The shutter button depressed, I wound and wound the rewind knob. Now, another quirk of the Series O reared it’s ugly head, when I seen the little cap hanging on its string!!! And, as so you must advance capped, so must you rewind capped. A mistake fatal to at least 60% of the carefully shot roll! Damn! But, since this IS a trial roll, the experience is chalked up and registered. At least 40% of the images should be just fine!••••••Now, I reawaken my long dormant film developing skills. Having resurrected my ancient Federal enlarger and a shopping spree on eBay for chemicals and paper, part Two of the adventure will take place later this week. I will post images here after that. ••••• All in all, totaling the experience so far, I Really Like The Series 0!
Filter Kit and Universal Adapter suggestions for ... Large Format Photography
"Pussy Wagon" LEICA FORUM
In praise of Women... LEICA FORUM
Meeting for Coffee LEICA FORUM
When did selenium toning become popular? Large Format Photography
Jobo 2840 for 5x7 film developing? Large Format Photography
Lens set based on field of view (FOV)? Large Format Photography
Photoshop plugin or other software wanted to auto... Large Format Photography
E6 processing with Tetenal on Jobo CPA2 and Exper... Large Format Photography
Any thoughts on how to make Sichel Studio Camera ... Large Format Photography
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Collecting Art Part 3: Visiting Galleries Luminous Landscape
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