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Repair recommendations UK LEICA FORUM

I note that the repair FAQ is a little out of date but I am asking this question because I have had a mixed experience with repair of my set-up (Leica M3 + Type II 50mm DR Summicron).


I have used:

1) Sherry Krauter - body CLA after I bought camera (sending camera body from UK to USA was a bit of a pain)

2) Will van Manen Kamera-Service - replaced shutter cloth and general CLA

3) Cameraworks-uk - lens repair and CLA


Is there really anybody else left (in the UK preferably) who is reasonably priced (and I don't mean to say cheap!), efficient, responsive and most of all understands and carries out the correct procedures appertaining to Leica hardware and has the total confidence of people who employ them to do the job?


I think maybe I am asking a lot, I know.


Live coverage Sep 25th: Leica photokina press con... LEICA FORUM

Leica makes us curious with the announcement for the press conference on September 25th at 11.30 am (CET) :

Beispiellose Ankündigung in 100-Jähriger Unternehmensgeschichte

In English:

Unprecedented announcement in 100-year company history

I'll report from this press conference live here in this thread!
If you want to speculate in advance you can to do so here:



Leica photokina News LEICA FORUM

This week from Wednesday til Saturday (September 26th-29th) photokina 2018 takes place in Cologne, Germany

The Leica Camera stand can be found in hall 2.2, more information available on the Leica Website 

Tomorrow on Tuesday at 11.30 am (CET) a press conference takes place - and the announcement makes me curious:

Wir freuen uns darauf, Ihnen Leica Produktneuheiten präsentieren zu können sowie auf eine in der mehr als 100-Jährigen Unternehmensgeschichte bisher beispiellose Ankündigung.

In English:

Unprecedented announcement in 100-year company history

I'll report live from Cologne tomorrow!
What's your guess what Leica will announce?

Any idea of price for a 16 1/2 or 19 inch Goerz D... Large Format Photography
Hi, This is my first post in a long time and I was hoping that somebody could point me in the right direction of the pricing of those two...
Ilford's HP5 and T-Max Exposure Latitude LEICA FORUM

An interesting article from the Carmencita Lab:


I've settled on supporting Ilford by buying their B+W films, and Kodak through their Portra films. Nice to see a modern article about Ilford films from a company who care about the results and customer satisfaction.


Servicing R cameras: the end of the story for R8 ... LEICA FORUM
I stumbled on this article by chance: https://www.photoscala.de/2018/07/14/r-schatten-der-m/

Apparently Leica has stopped servicing all R cameras and shifted that burden to the specialist Paepke Fototechnik in Düsseldorf.

While sufficient spare parts are said to be available for R3 to R7 models, there would be none left for the R8 and R9 since the start of this year. Repairing these latter cameras would thus no longer be possible!

Those two cameras, notwithstanding the fact that they were the latest R models, have thus effectively been reduced to paperweights in case of malfunctioning.

Sad day.

Is that really a fact?
Wait time for in-person service at Wetzlar LEICA FORUM

I will be in Frankfurt next year and I plan to make a day trip to visit the Leica HQ and factory in Wetzlar. The Leica website says that Customer Care is available for in-person service requests. I might use that opportunity for a CLA on an MM v1 and/or lens and rangefinder adjustment. Does anyone have a sense of their turnaround time? Is it a same-day type of thing, or should I be prepared to return a few days later?

Leitz 73mm f/1.9 LEICA FORUM
Hello, I own a 1930 vintage Leitz/Leica 73mm f/1.9 lens. It came to me as a beauty. I have used it off and on over the past couple years on a Ricoh M crop camera. I recently bought a full frame Leica M262. I want to use this beautiful vintage Leitz lens on my M262 but i do not have a suitable lens shade for it. They appear to be more difficult to find than the original lens, and ridiculously priced. I am a user, not a collector. I want to explore this fabulous vintage lens but it is subject to extreme flare in most light. Point it towards any bright light source minus a lens sahde and it will flare.

I do not care about originality. I want to use this lens. Can anyone suggest a suitable lens shade I can buy or how to make one?

Thank you,

Boise, Idaho
Having problems with 8x10 images that are softer ... Large Format Photography
I'd like to thank everyone here for all of the help and support I've been receiving to my many questions! I've been switching to 4x5 on my own and...
Photoville LEICA FORUM

Wish there was a little more variety at Photoville. Still happy to see a large photography event. 

Attached Images

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