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Which lenses for an M10 LEICA FORUM

I will be moving from Canon 5D2 , Sony A7R and on the wait list for M10, initially, I am thinking of getting either the Summarit or Summicron 35 and 50 mm, is there a difference in image quality between these? Do I get better lenses in addition to wider f stop? 


How about the jump to Summilux, the price difference is a big jump, is the image quality that noticeable? I use the camera for my travel and mostly cityscapes and landscapes. I am retired and don't have much funds, so maybe get a Summilux 35 and Summarit 50? 


Any information you can share will be useful in my decision. Thanks

JOBO Process Timer 4 Large Format Photography
I just acquired a JOBO Process Timer 4. I have tried every combination of button pushing I can think of to get it to work. Here is some of what I...
A street in Moneglia LEICA FORUM

Morning in Moneglia.


M9p + Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1



Stand back train approaching LEICA FORUM

Bank Station, Central Line ...... Eastman XX Summicron 40mm Leica MA



Attached Images

  • 52010027.jpg
Fragile Waters at San Jose Museum of Art Large Format Photography
There is currently a superb exhibit at the San Jose Museum of art, with B&W work from Ansel Adams, Dorothy Kerper Monnelly (a East Coast large format...
Allium Flower LEICA FORUM

Home Garden

Attached Images

  • Allium-Flower.jpg
Just wondering what is this rig ? Large Format Photography
Attachment 166612 (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=166612) I happen to be in Dresden and spotted this...
Toyo Field 45A 2 Revolving back question Large Format Photography
Hi Guys, New member here and 1st post/question. I have a Toyo CF with the type back you remove and turn, but I've got an odd, but major, personal...
Ruby Throated Hummingbird LEICA FORUM

Easy spot to find one.

Attached Images

  • Ruby-Throated-Hummingbird.jpg
Two terrifying creatures LEICA FORUM

The beetle seeks out death.

Attached Images

  • creepy.jpg
July 9 Washington DC (Great Falls) meet-up Large Format Photography
Bibliotheca augusta - Herzog August Bibliothek LEICA FORUM
Etudes au Naturel in Rockland Maine this July Large Format Photography
umbra rosae nocturna LEICA FORUM
Just Another Sunset LEICA FORUM
Tioga Pass Open! Large Format Photography
Speedgraphic portraits with a rangefinder Large Format Photography
Technical data for 25 year old lenses LEICA FORUM
XMF makes the work flow for Howard Hunt. Fujifilm
Edward Burtynsky – Interview Part Two Luminous Landscape
Paper negative in whole plate holder? Large Format Photography
Testing coverage of lenses Large Format Photography
Edward Burtynsky – Interview Part One Luminous Landscape
In The Palouse – Luminous-Landscape’s P... Luminous Landscape
Fujifilm wins the Hermes Award for Innovation in ... Fujifilm
Color Ink transforms traditional business and exp... Fujifilm
Regarding Fine Art Nature Photography – Part... Luminous Landscape
The Sculptural Aspects of Light Luminous Landscape
Scandinavia's first Onset X installation delivers... Fujifilm
Earnings Release for the Fiscal Year 2016 ended M... Fujifilm
Notice of RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 powered by SI... Fujifilm
FUJINON MK50-135mm T2.9 cinema lens — lens desi... Fujifilm
Fujifilm Kyowa Kirin Biologics announces Marketin... Fujifilm
Fujifilm makes capital investment in the regenera... Fujifilm
SDPS Poinçon finds marked improvement in perform... Fujifilm

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