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Filter size LEICA FORUM
Do all filters of the same size e.g. 55 mm have the same threads??

Looking to buy some filters for protection, mostly from dust sitting unused.

So if I see a filter for e.g. a Canon with 55mm filter size will it then therefore also fit my R lenses, or did Leica have a unique thread for any and all lenses??

Thanks in advance for your responses

Summilux 35mm (pre-aspheric) wide open LEICA FORUM

On the M9! Walking down to the shore through the wild garlic. Menai Strait.


LlanfairPG © Paul Kay.jpg

Can anyone help me misuse a Kodak X-omat 2000A Pr... Large Format Photography
I just received a Kodak X-omat 2000A Processor. It looks like a giant laser printer and you put exposed x-ray film in one end and a few minutes later...
Fuji Velvia or Provia for portraits? Large Format Photography
I will be picking up both plus Extar 100 and Portra 160. Curious which slide film for natural light portraits. I also use for landscapes. 4x5 camera.

All pictures taken with the Leica M-A and Summaron 35mm/3.5 on Kodak Tri-X 400.



Dublin by Roland Lechler, auf Flickr

A weeping heart LEICA FORUM

Summaron 35mm f3.5

Attached Images

  • A weeping heart.jpg
fresnel lens addition and focus accuracy Large Format Photography
I'm very new at LF, just looking at buying my first 4x5 camera. there's something I don't quite understand about the ground glass and adding a...
Beautiful Catastrophe #070 LEICA FORUM


2017 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo
M240, 35'cron

Attached Images

  • volonte-fotografo-milano_m240-018746.jpg
M3 horizontal light leak? LEICA FORUM

M3 Horizontal light leak / streak? Help! :-)


Greeting all! Attached are images from a '59 M3 seviced by DAG at some undetermined time before I bought it. This issue only occurred on this roll after 20+ previous perfect rolls.


This horizontal streak showed up an most of the 38 exposures. It seems worse on longer exposures but is still visible on a few of the faster shutter speeds. It does NOT show at the 1/1000 range. The first two pics are from the first part of the roll, the third pic is from the end of the roll. Film: Ilford 400, lens Sumilux 50mm (with hood). Any help would be appreciated. If this symptom has been discussed and solved, let me know where and I will gladly delete this post :-) The scans just hit my email, and I have asked the lab to check the negatives' rebate to see if it was processing, since I do not have the negatives in hand yet. 


Many thanks, Dan.







Delicacy... LEICA FORUM
...to be discovered - largely thanks to the DC Vario-Elmar - in the heart of a tiny flower.

L1080229 copy.jpg
Tioga Pass opened yesterday... Large Format Photography
Looking up to ... LEICA FORUM
Favorite Effects Apps for Mobile Photographers! Luminous Landscape
Grooming New York dogs requires special equipment LEICA FORUM
Also hello from Belgium Large Format Photography
Dark Spots on Negatives Large Format Photography
Mounting the Tele Xenar 360/5.5 Large Format Photography
Zone System Development For Scanning Large Format Photography
Epson V850 v. Old Aztec Plateau Scanner Large Format Photography
Lenses Minor White used? Large Format Photography
Rules, Disciplines and Other Talk Luminous Landscape
Remembering Michael Reichmann – Two Years Luminous Landscape
Fiscal Year 2017 ended March 31, 2018 Financial R... Fujifilm
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Expanding the popular square format lineup Instan... Fujifilm
Sony Cameras, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow â€... Luminous Landscape
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Fujifilm newly developed innovative imaging techn... Fujifilm
Fujifilm launches new compact inkjet printer “F... Fujifilm

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