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Fall Pilgrimage LEICA FORUM

In the fall when the colors are peaking, I like to visit an area about an hour drive away called the Baraboo Hills. Part of that area is this small canyon called Pewit's Nest through which flows Skillet Creek.



Attached Images

  • Pewit's-Nest-#01.jpg
  • Pewit's-Nest-#02.jpg
Competition Printing Large Format Photography
I've been invited to submit an 11 x 14 print for an upcoming competition. I am going to be submitting one of my favorite B&W prints that I created...
Leica M-A Negatives - Rounded corners? LEICA FORUM

I recently purchased my first Leica M camera, an M-A.  I've only owned it for a short time but I'm already in love with it. 


I just started to make my first darkroom prints and have been enjoying the learning process thus far.   The first few prints I've made are 8x10s.  I didn't want to crop my images at all so I've been scaling down the image slightly on the enlarger so as to print the full frame on an 8x10 easel.  I noticed that my prints all had rounded corners rather than sharp 90 degree corners.  I took a look at my negatives under a loupe and see that the corners of the exposed images do, in fact, have round corners.  I don't see this in the scans of my images and I'm guessing that the scanner's negative carrier is masking off the corners and producing nice 90 degree angles.


So, my question is, is this normal or is there something out of whack with the camera?  Or is there some novice mistake I'm making that may be responsible for this?  If it's relevant, I've used a 35mm Summarit ASPH lens with hood attached to shoot all of my photos with the M-A and they all show this characteristic.

need source for 5x7 green x-ray film Large Format Photography
The title says it all. I have plenty of sources for blue, but no one seems to have green in stock. Any help is appreciated. Jim
Still Standing LEICA FORUM

50mm Voigtlander.jpg


Leica M10 & 50mm Voigtlander F2 Heliar


After the recent gale force winds I was expecting this dead tree to have been blown over. But it still stands to provide photographers with a pleasing subject.

Alternative lens cap for ZM 50mm Planar? LEICA FORUM

I just bought ZM Planar 50mm f2 with zeiss hood. Nice lens. But an annoying thing is the original snap in lens cap.

With hood on, it is hard to have the cap on/off. Does anybody have alternative solution? Thanks.


MWLFA Overnight Trip To Iowa Next Week Large Format Photography
The Midwest Large Format Asylum has planned an overnight trip to Iowa October 26th through October 29th. Details can be found in the FORUM section...
Walted Tree with Sunset Background LEICA FORUM

Walted Tree with sunset background, there have some bird flying.



Pacific Northwest – Northern California Adve... Luminous Landscape

Overflowing Waves2016 Michael Reichmann Grant Winner – Jan Bell  I was honored to learn that I was the recipient of the 2016 Michael Reichmann grant. It allowed me to set out on a 12-week trek along the northwest coast of the United States. Shortly after receiving the grant I learned that Michael had lost his battle [Read More]

The post Pacific Northwest – Northern California Adventure appeared first on Luminous Landscape.


Colored or not.


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Punaise (6).JPG

nitecore charger LEICA FORUM
21 SEM quality control issues? LEICA FORUM
Telling Stories LEICA FORUM
Development times? FP4+, Shot at ISO 80, Rodinal,... Large Format Photography
B&S Pyrocat-HD Developer... Large Format Photography
need help buying 10x12 camera Large Format Photography
What should I do with this one? Large Format Photography
Contact printing: Practicing with RC paper, makin... Large Format Photography
5x7 matt for a 4x5 print Large Format Photography
Ilex 3 queries Large Format Photography
Fujifilm Uvijet UV inks obtain UL GREENGUARD Cert... Fujifilm
New content “Creating healthcare networks” ha... Fujifilm
Meeting Moroccan Berbers Luminous Landscape
Transfer of rights to anti-rheumatic agent KOLBET... Fujifilm
Artistic Validation – Separate From Selling ... Luminous Landscape
“FUJINON HF50XA-5M” — introducing a telepho... Fujifilm
Printer Manages Colour (PMC) Luminous Landscape
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Spanish flexographic printer sees significant tim... Fujifilm
Fujifilm invests in regenerative medicine venture... Fujifilm

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