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Above and Beyond: The Adventure Photography Of Pa... Luminous Landscape

The Luminous Landscape prides itself on showcasing emerging talent and unique voices as well as recognizing established photographers making their mark in highly celebrated ways and continuing to share their vision. It is in the spirit of the later that we profile Paul Zizka. I was recently drawn closer to Paul’s work while viewing some [Read More]

The post Above and Beyond: The Adventure Photography Of Paul Zizka appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

Hybrid instant camera “instax mini LiPlay” Fujifilm
Creating Artistic Landscape Photographs:
 Pa... Luminous Landscape

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Edgar Degas 1 – Introduction: projects and mini-series I regularly work on projects as well as on mini-series, the difference between the two being the time I spent working on a specific collection of images. While a project can take months or years [Read More]

The post Creating Artistic Landscape Photographs:
 Part 2: Along a Canyon Wall appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

FUJIFILM Corporation announces the introduction o... Fujifilm
Understanding Lens Diffraction (Rediscover) Luminous Landscape

This article was written by Michael Reichmann and originally published Jan 13 2009   This is not a comprehensive treatise on the subject of lens diffraction effects. Rather, it’s purpose is to bring to the attention of photographers who may not be aware of the issue that there is no free lunch when it comes [Read More]

The post Understanding Lens Diffraction (Rediscover) appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

Fujifilm invests in JUNTEN BIO, a regenerative me... Fujifilm
Revealing Who We Are Through Our Photography Luminous Landscape

“And what is art, but in its purest sense, simply the expression of the human experience in whatever form it may take? At its very essence, art is the Universe’s desire to know itself, and through our images, words, music, and cultural traditions finds its expression” This article is the theme and partial content of [Read More]

The post Revealing Who We Are Through Our Photography appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

Fujifilm to build a new “smart” endoscope man... Fujifilm
I Dreamt I was a Butterfly By Chuck East Luminous Landscape

Very rarely do I stumble upon a photographic project that I feel compelled to support because of its sheer beauty and inspiring story. Chuck East is a special photographer who has captured my attention in this way. Here is the description he offered me of his labor of love and dedication in the making, and [Read More]

The post I Dreamt I was a Butterfly By Chuck East appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

Fujifilm launches innovative mirrorless digital c... Fujifilm
Fujifilm acquires German endoscopic instrument ma... Fujifilm
FY2019/3 Financial Results of FUJIFILM Holdings p... Fujifilm
Application for manufacturing and sales approval ... Fujifilm
FUJIFILM Holdings joins the international initiat... Fujifilm
Fujifilm announces firmware updates for “FUJIFI... Fujifilm
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