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Inspiration and Youtube Large Format Photography
Hello, I recently started a Youtube channel to describe my experience of starting with large format landscape photography. Clearly I know the...
Zeiss Sonnar 50mm 1.5 vs Voigtländer Nokton 1.5 LEICA FORUM
The form factor of the Zeiss is more adorable, but I heared so many stories about focus shift.
What about the Nokton? It costs almost half and I never heared stories about focus shifting. Does anyone compeared these two lenses on a M?
Leica M3 vs M6 LEICA FORUM

I know this is not about lenses, but it is in a way. 


I wear glasses, and it seems the Leica M6 is better for people like us than the M3 (my favorite just by reading reviews and doing research on it). 


I've also found out on the Internet that 0.85 magnification is better than 0.92.  


I'd like to have some advice about this issue. 



Thank you, 


Precarious LEICA FORUM

Summicron-C 40mm


Attached Images

  • Precarious.jpg
Chris Packham's Bioblitz LEICA FORUM

For those who don't know him, Chris is a photographer turned tv presenter on UK TV and he is passionate about nature conservation. He visited North Wales and spent a few hours at the Pensychnant Nature Conservation Centre (a truly fabulous and very understated place) and I was asked to take some photographs of the visit.


Despite having had a prolonged period of fine weather it did of course rain but there was no dampening of spirits and the turnout  to support Chris was great. My M9 survived the wet happily enough (I carried sufficient absorbent tissue to remove most of the water from it) and the 35 and 75 Summiluxes took it in their stride. 35mm pre-aspheric Summilux at about 2.8 I think:


Pensychnant Packham 06.jpg

Wanted: Update on smart phone light meter apps Large Format Photography
When cameras started showing up on cell phones, folks tried to use them as light meters. Some were OK, but not all that good. When smart phones...
Should we laugh, or cry? LEICA FORUM

At the Yashica Y35, a pretend 'film' camera that's actually digital but must have settings changed by inserting a specific fake roll of film. You also have to wind it on.....


Sadly, the Yashica company of old is no more, but the rights to the name live on and the Y35 is being funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.



It rather makes me lose the will to live.

Toronto Workshop in Multiple Gum Printing and Pal... Large Format Photography
Hi Folks This will be a workshop designed for people with some experience to come here and with guidance walk out with a grouping of portfolio...
Just a shot in the forest LEICA FORUM

MM1, Biogon-C 35




V-Lux Typ 114 Noob LEICA FORUM

Recently acquired my first Leica a second hand V-Lux Typ 114.


I'm an Iphone and shopping mall DSLR photographer.


Very happy to be here and I must say the Leica just invites you to press the button, effortless, simple and beautiful results.


Now just need some time to read the manual.


Greetings from hot and sunny Belgium.


20180718_groot geleed, zomer kopie.jpg

USA Secret Space Center LEICA FORUM
Bodiam Castle - the sun shines through... LEICA FORUM
Bought an M10 earlier this week.... LEICA FORUM
A Cautionary Tale - Ries Tripod Large Format Photography
CAMBO WIDE with Schneider 47mm 5.6 SA Large Format Photography
Finding My Vision Luminous Landscape
Whazitfor, or is this an extension rail for?? Large Format Photography
New Book: The Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Pr... Large Format Photography
Rietschel Linear, eight element lens Large Format Photography
Fujifilm launches new large-diameter telephoto pr... Fujifilm
Fujifilm unveils the latest development roadmap f... Fujifilm
Fujifilm launches new wide aperture ultra wide an... Fujifilm
Fujifilm to boost its production capacity for int... Fujifilm
Helping the Forum Large Format Photography
Agfa NewsFilm iso and developing Large Format Photography
Fujifilm launches new premium compact digital cam... Fujifilm
Fujifilm announces firmware updates for X-T100 an... Fujifilm
On The Rocks – Toy Shop Part One Luminous Landscape
The Palouse Adventure – Recent Workshop Luminous Landscape
Sharing the joy of taking photos, the fun of deco... Fujifilm
Japan Tissue Engineering, Nagoya University, and ... Fujifilm
Rediscover – Understanding Bokeh Luminous Landscape
Sky: Looking Into The Landscape’s Soul Luminous Landscape
Disaster relief donation for people affected by t... Fujifilm
FUJIFILM Corporation announces price increase of ... Fujifilm

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