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Midnight Rainbow #1: Coronado by Ralph Upchurch Luminous Landscape

My wife and I were exploring the high country north of Santa Fe back in 2004.  Near Dixon, NM, we spotted a dirt track that hugged the crest of a ridge as it snaked off into the wilderness.  Although our rental car was not designed for the challenge, we could not resist the lure of [Read More]

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Profile: Summer On The Way with Mark Sommerfeld Luminous Landscape

  A few months ago a photograph taken for the NYT of the ever-polarizing Jordan Peterson began circulating on my FB feed and within my social circle. The photograph revealed a smug visage which still invited pathos. It was both an awkwardly brooding and dangerous gesture. These apparent qualities were captured through shadow and a [Read More]

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FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics Inc. launches new prod... Fujifilm
Fujifilm to invest 10 billion yen in its bio CDMO... Fujifilm
Profile: Looking For Light with Adam Krawesky Luminous Landscape

After burning out from a decade of recording music and touring, I spent a few years running a clothing and fine art/fashion magazine shop in the west end of Toronto. It was stationed across the street from the largest mental health facility in the country. This was during the tail end of an era in [Read More]

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, Part 8: My Fa... Luminous Landscape
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Midnight Rainbow submissions Luminous Landscape
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