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Negative Lab Pro Large Format Photography
For those of you that use a DSLR to digitalize the negatives, there's an amazing tool that does all the color work. All in Lightroom. I've been using...
110XL Fog Issue Serial# Range? Large Format Photography
I'll be looking at purchasing a 110XL sometime soon...and want to steer clear of any possibility that the lens might be afflicted with the "fog...
BTZS Subject Brightness Range (SBR) Large Format Photography
Just started to read the BTZS Book by Phil Davis. He says to calculate the SBR, subtract the *low value from the high value* and add the result to...
Lens shade question Large Format Photography
Hi, Is there a difference when using a very efficient lens shade that was made for infinity focus, at distances that are close to 1:1? Does the...
135mm 4x5 Lens Recommendations - Moderate Budget Large Format Photography
Evening folks, When I was shooting 4x5 as a primary format my lens of choice was a 135 Sironar S. It is an exceptional optic. I’m starting a...
Digital printing: Papers for Black and white Large Format Photography
I am looking for paper recommendations (the application is a 1 off book). Here are the specifications needed: 17x22 or A2 size availability, double...
Turning Photographs Into Art Part 6: Printing fro... Luminous Landscape

1 – Introduction It is seeing original prints from master photographers that inspired me to create my own photographs and learn how to print them as well as they did. Great prints are inspiring. They move us. They transport us to the places they show and make us live the events they capture. My prints, your [Read More]

The post Turning Photographs Into Art Part 6: Printing from Lightroom Part B – Templates and Soft Proofing appeared first on Luminous Landscape.

How old is my Ross lens? Large Format Photography
Hi, I recently bought a Ross Zeiss Anastigmat f8 433mm (17") lens with a detenting lever that works an iris via a slot from f8 to f64 (not waterhouse...
Bellows bowing inwards, blocking film :( Large Format Photography
I have a Horseman 45HD and the bellows started "bowing in" on all 4 sides (worst at the bottom, weirdly enough). It is now blocking part of the film...
Film Holder Weight per Sheet Data - DDS, Grafmati... Large Format Photography
I bought a Kinematic from the classifieds as I really like my Grafmatics. I noticed it seemed relatively lighter than I expected, which made me think...
Urbex in Large Format Large Format Photography
Fujifilm announces firmware updates for FUJIFILM ... Fujifilm
Research results for FF-10850, a novel liposome d... Fujifilm
The Cotton Carrier Skout – A Quick Look Luminous Landscape
Research results for FF-10832, a novel liposome d... Fujifilm
Taking a Portrait of a Cathedral Luminous Landscape
Jay Maisel – Jay Myself – A Documentary Luminous Landscape
FY2019/3 2nd Quarter Financial Results of FUJIFIL... Fujifilm
Updated:Regarding the Malfunction of the FUJIFILM... Fujifilm
ImagePrint Does Canon Luminous Landscape
Updated:Notice of FUJIFILM Application Software U... Fujifilm
Fujifilm CALNEO Xair portable X-ray unit wins gol... Fujifilm
We have just updated our Sustainability site. Fujifilm
Fujifilm invests in LPixel, a venture from the Un... Fujifilm
FUJIFILM SQUARE showroom wins award for excellenc... Fujifilm
Perhaps it's a sign of something he ate LEICA FORUM
Why are older 90mm APO Summicron lenses worth mor... LEICA FORUM
mystery UVa filter LEICA FORUM
Had breakfast with the old lady this morning LEICA FORUM
My Little..... LEICA FORUM
4 Leica lenses, all have back focus at a differen... LEICA FORUM
Two out of Three: 35mm LEICA FORUM
Leica Ball Head Small 14119 Prototype? LEICA FORUM
Organic Nav System LEICA FORUM

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